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Elk Circle

Humans Living in Harmony with Wild Animals
Protection, Understanding, Appreciation


The Wild Animals are
On Us

The Wild Animals are counting on us
to stop counting them
visit their home with reverence and respect
wear our hearts when we visit their home
open our hearts when we visit their home
bury the hunting guns and return the metals and minerals to the earth
sing a song when we bury the guns
enter the wild places with bare feet
enter the forest in peace, visit in peace and leave in peace

The wild animals are counting on us
to stop selling and buying living beings
stop wounding and bleeding sacred life
develop our compassion
cherish what is present but not seen
love the wild animals as much as our pets
unite as animal lovers in larger numbers than animal killers
make the department of fish and wildlife a place to support wild animals
protect them from hunters and hunting foundations
that animal lovers become their fund nations

The wild animals are counting on us
teach little boys it is wrong to kill and wound
teach the little boys you can develop skills of cunning and precision without the use of rifles
teach young boys the hunting tradition is a tradition of abuse

The wild animals are counting on us
transform the gun lobby and NRA to be rain dancers
to learn enchanted words to speak to the wild animals
remember that we already know how to talk to animals through body language and sound
stop thinking we are more special than they
remember we are animals with compassion
remember love is a wellspring of life for us all
know that they flourish under the warmth of love too
show children we want the wild animals to be happy and free
help the wild animals raise their own young in safety and happiness

The elk is counting on us
to praise its beauty, and not kill it for its beauty

The bear is counting on us
to let it climb trees and be left in peace

The wild animals are counting on us
to remember that they have helped mankind with their animal strength and beauty and we owe them compassion
step into their footprints and step into their concerns as our own